“miho is a global, medium-sized company and has been one of the leading providers of inspection technology in the beverage filling industry and return logistics for over 40 years thanks to a series of pioneering innovations: the first sidewall inspection unit with phototransistors, 90° bottle-rotation, the continuous use of maintenance-friendly LEDs – all groundbreaking innovations from miho!
The key framework of our work is the trustworthy and direct communication with our customers. Devoting all our energy to develop optimal solutions every day for both big and small challenges is only possible on the basis of an open and reliable cooperation. This has already continued for the last 40 years and forms the backbone of our optimism. And with all our efforts we want to become even better.”

Empty bottle inspector “miho David 2”

  • The new standard in the empty bottle inspection
  • Complete inspection of empty bottles after the washer and before the filler: base, finish, thread, sidewall…
  • Individually configurable
  • Latest computer technology on the platform miho VIDIOS®.
  • Up to 72,000 bottles per hour
  • lighting throughout with maintenance-free high-performance LEDs
  • Machine design by the highest hygienic standards
  • Optimum accessibility: easy to use
  • Eco-design: reduced power and air consumption
  • No format parts required for different bottle types
  • Low operating costs
  • Continuous further development

Fill level control “miho Newton X2Z”

  • To check the fill level for any underfilling in containers such as bottles, carton packaging and beverage cans, regardless of the product or the label (metal foil is also possible). Broad spectrum of applications: even foaming products to be controlled!
  • The measurement is based on an X-ray technology especially developed for this purpose. Minimum radiation exposure, since pulsed X-ray radiation is only generated at the short moment of measurement. The radiation emission is typically below the naturally occurring levels in enclosed spaces.
  • Comprehensive statistics for individual types of faults are available. A serial fault detection is implemented. Connection to an external production data acquisition system is possible.
  • The inspection head can be adjusted by using the handwheel height adjustment. The point of installation is normally at the outfeed of the filler or at the outfeed of the labelling machine.


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