Precision in Labelling

The name GERNEP is a byword for decades of experience, innovative spirit and perfect machine engineering

Specialists in consulting, project planning, construction, electronics and machine engineering at our state-of-the-art factory at Barbing in Bavaria, develop and manufacture labelling machines for a global set of customers in highly diverse sectors of the beverages, foodstuffs, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics industries.
Our main focus of attention is firstly on absolute functionality with ease of use, and secondly on the flexible design of our machines. This allows us to combine different gluing systems to exploit all of the possibilities of labelling technology, and to subsequently carry out conversions and upgrades efficiently and cost effectively.

GERNEP LABETTA Wet glue labelling from the magazine

Universal cold glue labelling with high-end technology
Versatile equipment machine in rotary design with fixed label magazines. It covers all traditional equipment requirements of containers made from glass and PET. The combination of well-tried technologies such as stainless steel glue roller, rubberised and adjustable glue palettes, divided glue scraper knife with glue-saving fine adjustment of the glue thickness, overlay gearbox for exact label positioning and divided cam system make this labelling machine unique in its performance class.

GERNEP SOLUTA Self-adhesive labelling from the roll

The new rotary labeller generation with optimised operating and safety
design for all labelling options for beverages, food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

With this flexible rotary labeller concept, we are in a position to rationally label many different containers made from glass, PET, plastic and metal with up to 8 labelling aggregates with self-adhesive labels from the roll.

GERNEP ROLLINA Hot melt wrap-around labelling from the magazine

This fully automatic rotary labeller has been specially designed for economical wrap-around labelling of containers made from glass, plastic and metal.
The hot melt labelling with pre-cut labels operates without complicated roller gluing.
The hot melt is applied to the container economically in spots using the GERNEP-HotSpot ­nozzle system, and the label is taken directly from the magazine.
The end gluing takes place via a continuous vertical end gluing ledge.
With this rational and clean gluing technology you do not just save format parts, but reducing the amount of daily cleaning work to a minimum.

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