Climate Control ( Air - Condition ) For Enclosure

  • INSTALLATION & COMMISSIONING Install, commission and calculate the proper capacity of climate control (air condition) for enclosure in all types of industrial plant.
  • REPAIR & OVER HAUL Repair and overhaul the climate control (air condition) for enclosure (Enclosure is continuously operated for long time. It has accumulative heatandcauses damages of important electronic control devices.) in all types of industrial plant with service engineers who are well qualified for repairing and overhauling the climate control (air condition) for enclosure.
  • MAINTENANCE Maintain the climate control (air condition) for enclosure of industrial plant. We maintain by inspecting, cleaning, saving data and bringing into conclusion. Then we present it to the customer to adjust and modify. Our maintenance secures continuous operation of the climate control (air condition) for enclosure of customer. Climate control (air condition) for enclosure will be not in trouble caused by damages of the devices lacking in effective maintenance. Customer can select date and time of regular maintenance in compliance with customer?s convenience.Maintenance services can be divided into 3 options.

1. Repair once

  • Check parameters setting in memory
  • Check fault values in parameter
  • Clean air filter panel and exterior devices

2. Overhaul once (supplement to Repair Option)

  • Dismantle and clean all interior and exterior parts
  • Wash hot coil and cool coil with coil cleaning agent

3. Service contract (4 times/year) This is the inclusion of Repair Option and Overhaul Option.  (Repair : 3 times, Overhaul : once) This will bring the most  effective maintenance in every 3 months.

  • SPARE PART Provide and supply spare parts of the climate control  (air condition) for enclosure in industrial plant.  All spare parts are full of quality and suitable for climate control (air condition) for enclosure.