Conveyor Systems

German Engineering not designed conveyors only to connect between machines. Our conveyor designed are Art and durable including technical of sensors and control systems. We could modify existing conveyors for a new machines layout by German’s know-how

We have researched and developed conveyors to be easily for assembled, smooth running, low noise, save energy, and not damage the bottles or packages during production.

Combiner To combined conveyors from many lanes to single lanes. The propose is to release pressure on the containers.

Top chain Stainless steel or plastic chain, suitable for glass, PET, PE and varies containers.

Pack Conveyor conveyors suitable for plastic cases and kinds of paper tray or cartons.

Pallet Conveyor A type of roller or chain conveyor, suitable for all kinds of pallets.

Air conveyor We proven the advantage features of air conveyors and develop our own systems, able to handle PET, plastic bottles.