Carton erector

Carton erector designed to automatically open the carton, close the bottom flaps and seal them with either hot-melt glue or adhesive tape.

Wide range of carton sizes possible

Due to streamlined and accurate construction, a medium production rate at a high level of reliability is possible for both small and large cartons and sizes in between.

Format change in 5 minutes

Due to the user-friendly adjustments in easy to reach positions the machine can quickly be changed to work with a new cartons size, particularly useful if a large number of cartons sizes are used.

Carton in feed whilst machine is running

The carton magazine is designed in such a way as to allow the carton blanks to be placed in the magazine whilst the machine is running.

 Carton packer

Automatic packer designed to receive and arrange containers arriving from the filling section,pick them up in a desired quantity and format and place them in cartons or crates.


In the inner structure of the machine there is a pick-up system, that slides on side guides. The pick-up[ system moves with SEW gear motor operating with inverters which control speed during different phases of working cycles and ensure a smooth sinusoidal movement thanks to a constant electronic control on axles. The lever drive system is designed in order to stand mechanical stress due to hard working loading and it reduces movement maintenance.  The machine stands out for its technology, level of automation and reliability.  The work cycle is managed and controlled at every phase by PLC

 Carton sealer

Completely automatic glue sealer TM90S,designed for closing RSC cartons and sealing the top carton flaps with hot-melt glue.  It is the ideal machine to position on a packing line after the carton packing station.

RSC carton adhesive tape sealer NA43 which closes the upper flaps and seals the top or the top and bottom of the carton at the same time.


Both machine are compact and have been specifically  designed to handle a wide range of carton sizes.

Rotating carton flap closer

The glue sealer TM90S mechanically auctioned flap closer device is quieter and faster than traditional closing system.

Range of adhesive tape sizes

Type sealer NA43 is equipped with a device for adhesive tape in PVC or polypropylene 35,50 or 75 mm.

No need for specialized personnel

Once stared the machine work cycle will run automatically and without the need of assistance, reducing to a minimum operator intervention to ensuring glue is in the tank and adjustments needed when changing format.