Application of ionization in the beverage industry

Improvement of the standard in bottling safety and the reduction of the waste water load due to non chemicals is becoming more and more an issue these days.

The innovation developed by LUWATEC GmbH is based on the generation of oxygen ions with positive and negative charge from ambient oxygen we breathe. One of the typical features of oxygen ions used in the process is that they quickly exchange their charge with an (organic or inorganic) partner substance that can be oxidized. Cold combustion occurs during this process, i.e. hydrocarbons and similar chemical compounds are converted to carbon dioxide and water. As a result of this process, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms are deactivated effectively without producing reaction products or leaving any residue. Due to this reaction, biofilms are effectively degraded and formation of new biofilm prevented.

Result is that process water is said to need no chemicals and a high level of hygiene safety in the bottling process is obtained. As a consequence of the innovation positive effects on waste water load and wear rate of the equipment is obtained.

Ionization applied in the areas of Bottles & Caps Sterilization, the rinser, bottle, bottle washer, bottle seamer and pasteurizer, including the cooling tower will benefit the user in hygiene safety reduction of applied chemicals, reduction of wastewater load and wear of equipment. For example:

1. The contamination of the “bottling line” is reduced thus providing higher safety for the filling.

2. Longer intervals for cleaning of pasteurizer and bottle washers thus reducing the use of chemicals

3. Waste water can be recycled thus providing a considerable cost saving in water consumption

4. The waste water load is reduced thus providing cost savings in the treatment of the waste water

The beverage produces’s responsibility today is not only that of supplying the market with product of high quality produced under best hygiene conditions. A special challenge is to attend to pressing issues of environmental protection and find solutions that can be integrated in processes. The technology described above is a new way of further assuring the quality in production and by saving energy and chemicals make an important contribution to a better environment by applying the latest findings in environmental engineering.

The above system is presently used in several beverage company with full success leading to several confirmations as primary supplier for example with Heineken. The above system will be installed in the new Heineken Brewery in South Africa and Vietnam.

Other breweries are:

-  Brewery Moritz Fiege, Bochum

-  Radenska d.d. Radenci, Slowenien

-  Gilde Brewery AG, Hannover

-  Reissdorf Brewery, Cologne

-  Oettinger Brewery, Oettingen and Dortmund

-  Koestritzser Brewery, Bad Koestritz

-  Spaten – Franziskaner Brewery, Munich